Packaging YOUR WAY with Custom ESD Protection

ESD Packaging Can Protect Your Products

Can excellent ESD packaging protect your products better? Not all ESD packaging is equal, and excellent ESD safe plastics aren't always available at a moment's notice.

But with Kiva Container's expertise -- over 25 years of being on the leading edge in ESD packaging -- you have the biggest advantage you can find in static protection for product and component storage, shipping, and handling.

Kiva Container's experience in plastic material thermoforming and static shielding allows us to design ESD packaging for your business that will give you the best benefits in performance and cost.

Here are just a few of the ESD packaging solutions we've made:

  • Integrated circuits and circuit card assemblies

  • Custom semiconductors

  • PCB Boards

  • Custom LEDs and LED assemblies

  • Fiber-optic Cabling and Connections

  • Optoelectronic sensors

  • UHDI flex circuits

  • CTMS and GTMS products

Kiva has a significant stock of ESD-safe plastics, including conductive thermo-formable polymers, static dissipative clear PVC, and specialized ESD medical acrylics.

Whether you're in a product design phase, market testing, or have an established supply chain and are looking to grow, Kiva Container's ESD plastics have the tools, supplies, experience, and expertise to give you the static protection you need.