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  1. The Three R’s… Reduce Reuse Recycle

    The three R’s… We all know them… REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

    This little jingle got its start sometime in the raging 70’s (wasn’t born then so I’m not speaking from experience). Many credit U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin for kickstarting this environmental movement that eventually birthed the EPA and subsequently the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976.

    As the hangover from the 70’s wore off, America has been increasingly more conscious about what it’s using and how much it’s using. So much so, that those of us lucky enough to find ourselves in the People’s Republic of California have been relegated to paper straws that disintegrate as you use them! Given that there’s still an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic thrown into the ocean on any given year, I think a normal person would agree that the three R’s are important to practice.But…

    What if there’s an even better way…

    Let me introduce the SIX R’s… REDUCE, REUSE, REUSE, REUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

    My Grandpa used to tell me, ‘if three is good, six is better…’

    The three R's REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

    Now, I know what you’re thinking… I’m mocking our local turtles for having straw issues… BUT, that’s not the case! At Kiva Container we have worked hard for the last 30+ years to create durable, functional, bespoke plastic packaging that absolutely can be and should be reused not once, not twice, but over and over again! Heck, we’ve got customers that are using the same product handling bins from nearly 20 years ago, you want to talk about multiple R’s! Much to the detriment of our bottom line, they’re not looking at replacing them anytime soon!

    There are many ways to be conscious about your footprint on the earth, some people point to electric cars, some people point to metal or glass containers, some even point to wind and solar. We think one huge way is to buy quality products and use, reuse, reuse and reuse them. Don’t buy a new cheap trendy briefcase every two to three years, buy a quality, timeless one once, and be done. Same thing with shoes, wallets, cars, and jeans. Same can be said for material handling totes, bins, and packaging. And for that which you can’t reuse, make it out of something easy to recycle like PET, HDPE or PP. Or even better, make it out of RPET which has already been recycled at least once!! That way you’re still in the reuse stage!

    Give us a call and let us help you design packaging that is reusable, returnable and ultimately sustainable. Because in the end with that kind of goal, we all win!

  2. Spring Cleaning? Upgrade to Reusable Plastic Packaging!

    Whether at home or in your business, you’re probably thinking about cleaning up, organizing, and optimizing your space and products or supplies. Spring cleaning time is nearly here.

    So, how can you clean up, organize, and still be environmentally friendly?

    Reusable plastic packaging is one great way to get your spring cleaning and organizing done on time and with the good results you want for your business finances and management.

    According to the EPA’s blog, businesses should “reuse whenever possible.” The World Economic Forum recommends increasing reusable packaging as an environmentally sound solution.

    If your warehouse is using single-use plastic packaging or your logistics department has disposable plastic containers or packaging, spring is the perfect time to consider making a change.

    Not only can you recycle single-use containers and packaging, you can optimize your space and rethink your shipping and storage solutions. In any location in your business, you can create a cleaner, neater, more organized environment with durable, clean, and neat reusable plastic packaging and containers.

    While you’re doing spring cleaning, you may have a lot of waste you must dispose of. There’s no getting around that, but if you find a lot of single-use plastic containers or shipping and packing solutions, why not set yourself up for a sustainable year to come with reusable plastic packaging?

    Next spring, you’ll find your cleaning will go much more quickly and easily. You’ll save money over time without the need to purchase disposable packaging, too. Keeping your business tidy and the environment clean is much easier with reusable plastic packaging. So give us a call at Kiva Container and make this spring cleaning the best for your business.

  3. Get Green! Save Money & The Environment with Reusable Plastic Packaging!

    Have you heard how plastic is terrible for the environment? Single-use, disposable plastics aren’t green at all. Certain plastics can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Throwing them away and burying them in a landfill almost guarantees disposable plastics will last ten or more lifetimes.

    According to National Geographic, 91% of the plastic we put in the recycling bin doesn’t get recycled. Some of it is shipped overseas, and a lot of it ends up in the ocean.

    What’s the solution? Don’t use disposable plastic. If you use plastic, it should be reusable. The durable qualities of plastic make it a poor choice for disposable packaging and an excellent choice for reusable packaging.

    Reusable plastic packaging could be one of the greenest packaging solutions out there. Plastic’s toughness and durability makes it an excellent choice for reusable packaging.

    Reusable plastic packaging is also designed to be fully recyclable when it’s time to be retired. Over 90% of single-use plastics aren’t effectively recyclable — the main reason why they aren’t recycled.

    Taking advantage of plastic’s toughness and using it to benefit your business packaging needs could be one of the greenest and best financial decisions you make.

  4. Love Your Business – Use Reusable Plastic Packaging!

    We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “In order to love someone else, you have to love yourself first.”

    You probably haven’t thought about your business the same way, but you can show your business some love through the benefits of reusable plastic packaging.

    Reusable plastic packaging can show your business love in three different ways: bottom-line lower costs, environmental benefits (yes, really!), and corporate social responsibility.

    • You can cut your packaging, shipping, and storage budget by using reusable plastic packaging: Kiva Container is glad to work with you to show you how much you could potentially save.
    • Your business can also show some love to the environment with reusable plastic packaging. If you’re thinking that plastic can’t be environmentally friendly, you’re probably thinking of disposable plastics, like shopping bags and plastic straws. Durable, reusable plastic packaging from Kiva Container can be very environmentally friendly, and superior to disposable packaging.
    • The more people learn about the benefits of reusable plastic packaging, the more recognition it gets as a socially and environmentally responsible packaging solution. When you’re re-using plastic packaging, you’re not disposing of anything at all. And, when it comes time to retire your reusable packaging, your overall carbon footprint will be much lower than if you used any single-use packaging solution, including biodegradable, disposable ones.

    Isn’t true love all about putting your loved ones first and doing what’s best for them? Why not love your business by using reusable plastic packaging?