• Applications
    • Ultra high density interconnect (UHDI) flex circuits
    • Ceramic-To-Metal-Seal (CTMS), Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) hermetic packages.
    • High-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) hermetic packages.
    • Integrated circuits, Circuit Card Assemblies.
    • Custom manufactured Semiconductors
    • Electro-Mechanical hermetically sealed relays
    • PCB Boards
    • Custom & Standard photodiodes
    • Custom LED’s
    • Fiber-optic Cabling & Connection Components
    • Opto-electronic sensors
  • Materials
    • Conductive thermo-formable polymers .02-06
    • Static dissipative clear PVC .015-.035
    • Conductive plastic corrugated 3mm and 4mm
    • Conductive paper corrugated 200lb B flute double wall
    • Conductive paper corrugated 200lb E flute double wall
    • Specialized ESD medical acrylics, (safe for medical devices that require proper ESD packaging)

ESD Packaging Applications

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective packaging provides an integral layer of protection when shipping or storing sensitive electronic devices. This packaging usually takes the form of ESD plastic boxes, but they can be tailored to meet specific needs. Kiva Container creates ESD packaging for these common applications:

  • High-temperature cofired ceramic (HTCC) hermetic packages
  • Ceramic-to-metal-seal (CTMS) and glass-to-metal-seal (GTMS) hermetic packages
  • Ultra high density interconnect (UHDI) flex circuits
  • Integrated circuits and circuit card assemblies
  • Custom manufactured semiconductors
  • PCB boards
  • Fiber-optic cabling and connection components
  • Optoelectronic sensors
  • Electromechanical hermetically sealed relays
  • Custom LEDs
  • Custom and standard photodiodes

What is ESD?

ESD Packaging

Electrostatic discharge, or static electricity, is the electric charge that occurs when two electrified objects make contact with one another. This jolt is harmless when, for example, a person touches something conductive after walking across a carpet. However, ESD can damage sensitive electronic components. When exposed to combustible gases or liquids, ESD may also cause fires or explosions.

Why Anti-Static ESD Packaging?

Most electronic component manufacturers have safeguards in place to prevent electrostatic damage during production. After production, components are handled by subcontractors, shipping agents, and retailers who may inadvertently cause ESD damage. No manufacturer can oversee every shipment from the factory to the purchaser, so ESD containers protect your products from unforeseen ESD damage and save your organization money.

Specifically, anti-static ESD packaging prevents charges from originating within the package while also dissipating potential charges from the exterior. Anti-static ESD packing material is usually made from polyethylene foam, tubing, sheeting, or bags. It can also line the inside of circuit board boxes, ensuring the safety and quality of individual products as well as those in the same shipping container.

Safe and Secure ESD Packaging from Kiva Container

With over 35 years of experience, Kiva Container is a leader in the ESD packaging industry. We offer custom ESD packaging, corrugated plastic fabrication, vacuum forming and thermoforming, integrated packaging, plastic pallets, and a selection of standard items. We are a woman-owned company focused on reusable and returnable packaging solutions, and we are one of few manufacturers to offer both corrugated plastic and solid sheet forming in one facility. To partner with us for your unique packaging solution, start by requesting a quote today.