Click to ExpandCannabis Applications of Corrugated Plastic and Thermoformed Packaging

The cannabis industry requires corrugated plastic and thermoformed packaging due to their products’ unique attributes. Corrugated plastic offers durability and moisture resistance, making it ideal for protecting cannabis products from external elements during storage and transportation. Meanwhile, thermoformed packaging provides shaping and visibility, which ensures secure containment.

Kiva Container specializes in corrugated plastic products! We create eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable trays and totes for various industries. Our packaging solutions are also built to withstand harsh conditions like temperature changes, moisture exposure, and transportation challenges.

Corrugated Plastic in Cannabis

Corrugated plastic (or corrugated polypropylene or coroplast) has a grooved or ridged surface. It is made of a lightweight and flexible plastic polymer. This packaging material is manufactured through extrusion, which involves the formation of layers of polypropylene with extruded I beam style structure. The process results in a structure that has incredible strength to weight properties.

The following are examples of the most common applications of cannabis corrugated plastic:

  • Cannabis flower packaging: Corrugated plastic boxes provide a protective enclosure for delicate cannabis flowers, preserving their quality during handling and transit.
  • Compliance packaging: Boxes and containers meet regulatory requirements for child-resistant packaging, enhancing safety and compliance.
  • Display and dispensing units: Plastic display stands and dispensers showcase products attractively while facilitating easy customer access.
  • Edibles and infused products: Plastic trays and containers securely hold edibles, ensuring safe transportation and presentation. Compartments within trays also prevent cross-contamination.
  • Pre-rolls and concentrates: Tubes provide a protective casing for pre-rolled joints or concentrates, preventing damage and preserving freshness.
  • Promotional kits and sample packs: Corrugated packaging is used for assembling kits and bags, combining different products for marketing purposes.
  • Tincture and oil bottle packaging: Corrugated dividers and inserts keep tincture and oil bottles in place, minimizing movement and potential breakage.
  • Vape cartridge packaging: Plastic inserts fit precisely within packaging boxes to hold vape cartridges securely.

Cannabis Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed packaging is a versatile manufacturing technique that entails heating a plastic sheet to achieve pliability. Once in the desired flexible state, the sheet is shaped using a mold or die and then cooled to maintain its intended form.

Here are the most common applications of thermoformed packaging in the cannabis industry:

  • Cannabis beverage holders: These can securely carry cannabis-infused beverages, preventing spillage and ensuring convenient transportation.
  • Custom display cases: Thermoformed packaging can create visually striking display cases that showcase cannabis products in retail environments.
  • Custom sleeves and wraps: These can enhance the aesthetics and branding of cannabis products, adding a unique touch to the packaging.
  • Medical cannabis packaging: Thermoforming enables the creation of containers that meet medical-grade standards, providing hygienic containment for medical cannabis products.
  • Multi-compartment trays: Trays with multiple compartments keep cannabis-related accessories organized and prevent them from shifting during transit.
  • Reusable packaging solutions: Thermoformed packaging can be designed for reuse, offering an environmentally friendly option for storing and transporting cannabis products.
  • Seed and starter kit packaging: Containers can securely hold cannabis seeds and starter kits, ensuring their protection and preservation.
  • Specialty packaging for topicals: Thermoforming allows for intricate designs and shapes, making it suitable for packaging cannabis-infused topicals and creams.
  • Terpene preservation packaging: Thermoformed containers can be designed to preserve the aromatic qualities of cannabis products, such as terpenes.

Kiva Container for High-Quality Cannabis Corrugated Plastic Solutions

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