Corrugated Plastic Fabrication Capabilities

At Kiva Container, we fabricate a wide range of light- to heavy-duty corrugated plastic packaging in various sizes, with add-ons for many applications. Our fabrication size capabilities include the following raw sheet extrusion sizes:

  •     Minimum width: 4 inches
  •     Minimum length: 4 inches
  •     Maximum width: 104 inches

We have fabricated massive custom corrugated plastic boxes for specialty applications and can fabricate boxes with the following minimum dimensions as well:

  •     Minimum width: 1 inch
  •     Minimum length: 1 inch
  •     Minimum depth: 1 inch

Corrugated plastic products are essential to various applications. The following depend on corrugated plastic:

  •     Bins for agricultural picking and processing purposes
  •     Chilled and frozen storage for medical and food applications
  •     Containers for storing, shelving, and processing applications
  •     Conveyor and packaging systems
  •     Packaging and displays in retail stores
  •     Shelf bins for organizing and storing pharmaceuticals
  •     Shipping and distribution
  •     Storage and shipping for part manufacturing and production

At Kiva Container, we manufacture custom corrugated plastic products with numerous add-ons and closures. Our add-ons include 4-color silk screening for near-photo quality graphics, grommets that allow for the insertion of wire and cord into a slot without stress or wear, and durable rivets for joining two pieces of plastic. We also provide these additional add-ons and closures:

  •     Aluminum and plastic railings
  •     Buckles
  •     Custom graphics (silk screening)
  •     Custom straps
  •     Formed handles
  •     Installed hinges
  •     Labels
  •     Placards
  •     Velcro
  •     Wireframes

Advantages of Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastics deliver a variety of benefits over other materials, including:

  •     Cost-effectiveness. Corrugated plastic is inexpensive to manufacture, making it budget-friendly to purchase and replace.
  •     Lack of toxicity. The non-toxic polypropylene that corrugated plastic is extruded from uses will not release chemicals in extreme temperatures and is safe for human and animal contact in consumer and medical applications.
  •     Recyclability. Users can recycle, reuse, and up-cycle corrugated plastic to make other products.
  •     Strength. Corrugated plastic can deliver long-lasting performance in harsh conditions without frequently requiring repair or maintenance. The industrial sector depends on durable corrugated plastic storage and transportation solutions, keeping products safe throughout the supply chain.
  •     Versatility. Various commercial and consumer products rely on corrugated plastic construction given the many forms it can take. At Kiva Container, we offer electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging that is specifically designed for safe use with electronics, and PMS match for color variation.
  •     Weight. The material is easy to assemble, handle, and transport, making it ideal for aerospace applications.

Rely on Kiva Container for Corrugated Plastic Fabrication

At Kiva Container, our corrugated plastic fabrication capabilities allow us to manufacture pads, boxes, totes, and more in custom sizes and with utility-enhancing add-ons and closures. Corrugated plastic is an ideal alternative to corrugated paper products, providing improved durability, versatility, and reusability at an affordable price. 

Kiva Container is a woman-owned business with over 35 years in the industry. We create solutions with optimal reusability in mind and easy returns for reprocessing. We are the only manufacturer that can convert both solid sheet forming and corrugated plastic in-house from our Anaheim, CA, facility, allowing us to deliver fast and local solutions to your needs. 

We fabricate custom products to meet a myriad of container applications. Kiva Container offers light- and heavy-gauge thermoformed packaging for consumer products or industrial/commercial applications, respectively. Our ESD packaging for UHDI flex circuits, hermetic packaging, and custom LEDs is useful for transport and storage. Kiva Container has fully customizable integrated packaging solutions, such as sleeves, heavy-gauge dunnage, and formed trays with dividers. We also offer clean and hygienic plastic pallets for applications where wood pallets are unsuitable

We’re here to help. Contact us or request a quote for more information about the corrugated plastic solution for your needs.


  • Capabilities
    • Die cutting
    • Sonic welding
    • Flat welding
    • Aluminum railing
    • Wire frames (wire reinforced)
    • Custom formed handles
    • Complete manufacturing to assembly
    • Cleaning and bagging
    • 4 color silk screen printing
    • Riveting
    • Grommet Installation
    • Deep Grommet (up to 15 inches deep)
    • Stacking corners
    • Secondary routing and trimming processes
    • ESD coating processes
    • Custom wire handles
  • Materials
    • Material thicknesses from 2mm – 10mm
    • Stock colors of blue, black, white
    • Special colors occasionally stocked, usually custom ordered
    • Any color available (PMS match available)
    • ESD conductive material in stock
    • ESD anti-static coated blue in stock