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Integrating automated corrugated plastic and thermoformed packaging systems revolutionizes material handling for modern manufacturing enterprises. They are popular for their precision and durability, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of production lines. Moreover, automating the packaging and transport of goods reduces human labor and minimizes errors. This results in higher productivity.

Kiva Container is the leading company specializing in manufacturing high-quality corrugated plastic products! We focus on crafting environmentally friendly, lightweight, and durable trays and totes tailored to diverse sectors. These items are engineered to endure even the harshest conditions, such as extreme temperature variations, moisture, and the rigors of transportation.

Automated Processes Utilizing Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is a versatile, lightweight material composed of two flat sheets connected by parallel ribs or flutes. It is known for its strength and resistance to moisture, making it ideal for various applications like signage, packaging, and protective covering. Additionally, its ability to withstand repeated use renders it a preferred choice in industries where durability is critical.

Companies are increasingly adopting automated corrugated plastic products to improve the durability and sustainability of their supply chain. Here are several processes leveraging these materials:

  •  Assembly line components: Specialized panels and enclosures employ corrugated plastic for efficient assembly line automation.
  •  Conveyor systems: Corrugated plastic totes, bins, and trays, can be integrated into conveyor systems to facilitate the smooth movement of products in manufacturing and distribution.
  •  Custom machinery: Manufacturers often incorporate plastic containers into custom-automated machinery designs to meet specific production needs.
  • Environmental control: In automated agriculture and horticulture, plastic containers are used in greenhouses due to their durability and resistance to moisture and the elements. Allowing for precise control of temperature and humidity.
  • Intralogistics: Custom Corrugated plastic containers are solutions implemented to streamline sorting and routing for internal logistics and supply chain operations.
  • Material handling: Trays, totes, and bins are employed in automated material handling systems to transport and protect goods efficiently.
  • Packaging automation: Automated packaging lines frequently use corrugated plastic containers to create custom-fit solutions to safeguard products during transit.
  • Robotics and automation: Custom Plastic containers are used in robotics and automated machinery for their lightweight yet sturdy nature, enabling smooth movements and precision.
  • Storage and organization: In automated warehousing and order fulfillment processes, custom corrugated plastic and thermoformed containers are used for storage, organization, and easy retrieval of items.

Thermoformed Packaging in Automated Systems

Thermoformed packaging is a manufacturing process employed to create customized and cost-efficient packaging and material handling solutions. The fabrication process heats the plastic sheet until it becomes pliable enough to be molded into a specific shape and formed using vacuum, pressure, and mechanical force. After cooling and solidifying, the plastic retains its intended form, resulting in packaging components like trays and containers, clamshells, and blister packages.

The following are the most common applications of thermoformed packaging in automated systems:

  • Automotive parts: Trays and containers organize and protect automotive components during production and shipping.
  • Blister packaging: Thermoformed blister packaging is common in robotic systems for collecting small items like pills, capsules, and miniature electronic components.
  • Consumer goods: Thermoformed containers automatically pack various consumer goods, including cosmetics, toys, and commercial items.
  • Custom industrial solutions: Thermoforming can be customized for specific applications, providing tailored protection and organization within automated processes.
  • Electronics and components: Automated assembly lines use thermoformed packaging to organize and protect sensitive electronic components and products.
  • Food packaging: In the food industry, thermoforming creates trays and containers for automated packaging of fresh produce, meat, and baked goods.
  • Medical device packaging: Thermoformed trays securely hold and protect medical devices during manufacturing, sterilization, and transportation.
  • Product protection: Thermoformed packaging safeguards delicate or sensitive products, ensuring they remain undamaged during automated handling and transport.
  • Retail display: Thermoforming is used for the automatic packaging of retail display units, helping products stand out on store shelves.

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