In agriculture, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of packaging is crucial to prevent contamination of products. Corrugated plastic and thermoformed materials are easy to clean and sanitize, maintaining the integrity of the goods and ensuring compliance with safety standards. They could also be customized to fit various agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, and nursery items.

Kiva Container is a leading company specializing in corrugated plastic fabrication, offering eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable trays and totes for various industries. Our products are built to withstand challenging environments, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and impacts during transit. This durability ensures that items are well-protected throughout the supply chain.

Agriculture Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic, or corrugated polypropylene or coroplast, is characterized by a grooved or ridged surface. It is made from a plastic polymer, which is lightweight, durable, and versatile. Additionally, it is produced through extrusion, where layers of polypropylene are formed with alternating ridges. This creates a structure that resembles a structured I beam pattern. This creates a strong, durable and reusable profile. That strength far exceeds its weight.

The following are examples of the most common applications of agriculture corrugated plastic:

  • Aquaculture applications: These pertain to making fish transport boxes, transport containers, and various aquaculture equipment, and housings.
  • Drying trays: These are used to dry and cure agrarian products like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs.
  • Fruits and vegetable crates: These are used to transport and store fruits and vegetables, protecting them against damage during picking, handling, and shipping.
  • Greenhouse covering and cladding: These are constructed to cover and insulate greenhouses, shielding them from weather elements and regulating temperature and humidity.
  • Harvest bins and boxes: These are employed to collect and transport freshly harvested crops from the fields.
  • Livestock partitions and dividers: These are utilized to separate and organize livestock within barns and transport vehicles.
  • Pest and insect traps: These can create traps and barriers for monitoring and controlling pests and insects in the agricultural setting.
  • Plant protection and frost covers: These can be used to shield plants from frost, wind, and pests.
  • Signage: These are utilized for durable and weather-resistant signs for farm markets, produce stands, and directional signage within agrarian areas.
  • Waste bins: These are designed for collecting and segregating farm waste and by-products.

Agriculture Thermoformed Packaging

Thermoformed packaging is a manufacturing process that involves heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable. It is then formed into a specific shape using a mold or die and cooled to retain the desired shape. This widely used process, called “thermoforming or vacuum forming” is utilized to produce various packaging and products.

Here are the most popular applications of thermoformed packaging in the agriculture industry:

  • Clamshells: Thermoformed clamshell packaging protects delicate produce items and maintains their freshness and quality in retail settings.
  • Egg cartons and trays: These containers provide protective and efficient packaging for eggs during transportation and sale.
  • Equipment covers: These are used to protect farm machinery and equipment from weather elements and dust.
  • Livestock transport crates: These are designed for the safe and humane transportation of livestock, ensuring their well-being during transit.
  • Mulch films: Thermoformed plastic creates mulch films over the soil to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and improve crop yields.
  • Nursery and plant trays: These are used in nurseries and greenhouses to hold seedlings, saplings, and young plants for easier handling and transport.
  • Plant protection domes: These domes protect from frost, insects, and adverse weather conditions for individual plants or crops.
  • Poultry and livestock equipment: Thermoformed plastic produces feeding troughs, waterers, and other equipment for efficiently managing poultry and livestock.
  • Produce packaging: Thermoformed trays and containers are commonly used to package and protect fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural produce during transportation and display.
  • Seed trays and pots: These are utilized for starting and cultivating seeds, promoting healthy plant growth.

Kiva Container: Your Partner for Dependable Agriculture Corrugated Plastic Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Kiva Container has been at the forefront of offering expert solutions in creating efficient returnable packaging! Our expertise spans various packaging options, from blister packs and clamshells to material handling sleeves crafted from durable corrugated plastic. We also take pride in serving aerospace, agriculture, and other niche sectors with our tailored packaging solutions.

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