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  1. Custom Packaging Protects Valuable Parts

    Take the opportunity to invest in your business by reducing costs over the life of your products with reusable/returnable plastic packaging.

    Custom packaging and dunnage reduce product damage in three main ways:

    1. Maximizes safe storage and shipping space in warehouses, decreasing overall handling.
    2. Helps reduce inventory shrinkage, improves cleanliness, reduces losses from product handling and shipping damage.
    3. Custom formed dunnage can take up to 70% less space in your warehouse compared to typical foam dunnage while exceeding product protection in shipping and handling.

    Returnable plastic packaging increases profit by reducing the per/trip cost of packaging for those systems that can return the packaging back to the original source.

    If the final stop for your product packaging is a landfill, you are losing money. Kiva designs plastic packaging specific to your product. We can utilize stock totes with custom dunnage or custom totes and dunnage. Many times, the best options is a combination of totes and formed parts, capitalizing on the benefits of multiple substrates, Kiva is the only manufacturer that handles multiple substrates – IN HOUSE!

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