The Role of Thermoformed and Corrugated Plastic Packaging in Supply Chain Management

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Industry studies have demonstrated that thermoformed and corrugated plastic packaging can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain operations. In addition, by reducing the risk of product damage, these solutions can minimize the need for product returns and replacements, saving businesses time and money.

The two innovative solutions can help businesses streamline operations by reducing packaging waste, increasing product shelf life, and enhancing product visibility. They can also reduce packaging, transportation, and warehousing expenses, allowing businesses to allocate resources more effectively. These benefits can help companies to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market by improving operational efficiency and reducing overall expenses.

Custom plastic packaging solutions can be a valuable business driver in the direct-to-consumer or business-to-business space. Partnering with a reputable packaging solutions provider like Kiva Container can help businesses drive success through optimized supply chain management. This can ultimately lead to business owners staying ahead of the competition.

Common Applications of the Packaging Solutions

Thermoformed and corrugated plastic packaging solutions are highly versatile and can be customized to meet various product and industry-specific requirements. Here are some of the most common applications of these two innovative approaches:

Automated Picking Machines

Automated picking machines use advanced technology to identify and retrieve products quickly and efficiently. They are utilized in the supply chain management industry to reduce the time and labor required for picking products compared to traditional manual picking methods. These machines are also typically integrated with a packaging system that works seamlessly with them, providing a complete solution for order fulfillment.

Automated Sorting Machines

Integrating thermoformed and corrugated plastic packaging solutions with automated sorting machines is a smart investment for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain. These machines use advanced technology, like sensors and robotics, to identify, sort, and transport products with greater accuracy and speed than manual labor.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are essential to many supply chain management operations, providing a reliable and efficient means of transporting products from one location to another. One of the primary benefits of using these systems is that they can significantly reduce the time and labor required to transport products. This is especially true when compared to traditional handling and transporting methods.

Vertical Lift Management Systems (VLMS)

VLMS can significantly increase storage capacity and improve space utilization within a facility. These systems use advanced technology to store and retrieve products vertically, allowing businesses to keep more products in a smaller footprint. Moreover, blending VLMS with advanced packaging solutions can help companies to optimize their storage capacity and reduce the amount of space required for storage.

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