Since 1998, Kiva Container has been a premier provider of corrugated plastic and solid sheet forming services. Our extensive knowledge of plastic materials allows us to convert and combine a variety of plastic materials into reusable packaging products with specialized properties to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Vacuum Forming/Thermoforming

Our state-of-the-art thermoforming processes allow us to convert solid-sheet plastic into precise shapes using heat and vacuum treatments enhanced by engineering, tooling, and pattern-making services which can significantly decrease lead time. Our vacuum forming and thermoforming capabilities include:

Light Gauge Forming

One of the most common thermoforming methods which can accommodate thicknesses between .010” to .080” and produces packaging in clear or colored materials.

Heavy Gauge Forming

A versatile thermoforming method that can accommodate thicknesses between .090” to .500”. It offers an array of durable finishes and material colors.

In-house Design/Tool Making

Kiva offers full-service design, engineering, and fabrication programs for new hard-tooling and die projects. These services are often outsourced to third parties, but Kiva’s in-house team will save you time and money by taking your project from start to finish.

ESD Packaging

At Kiva, we use cutting-edge thermoforming technology to create close-fitting, ESD-safe clamshells, trays, corrugated plastic boxes, and other static-shielding containers to ensure cost-effective protection for even the most sensitive components. We maintain an extensive inventory of ESD-safe plastics to meet high production needs with speed and efficiency.

Integrated Packaging

Kiva specializes in the development of composite packaging that combines corrugated plastic and custom thermoforming to create the optimal packaging solution. We manufacture integrated packaging products that include corrugated plastic trays with thermoformed internal trays, hinged-lid boxes with custom-formed inserts, and corrugated plastic boxes with custom-formed heavy-gauge dunnage.

Plastic Pallets

Many customers in the medical, food and beverage, electronics, and other industries require hygienic loading equipment that meets increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Our plastic pallets are reusable, easy to clean, and more dependable than their wooden counterparts. Kiva’s extensive selection of plastic pallets includes export, large-format, and twin-sheet formed pallets.

Standard Items

With extensive custom design and manufacturing capabilities, Kiva can produce any product you need. From airport luggage totes to wet floor signage to recycling bins, our variety of colors and printing options and extensive stock of raw materials allow us to produce your custom components with speed and efficiency.