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  1. Plastic Pallets instead of Wood?

    Have you been thinking about a change from wood to plastic? There are a lot of good reasons to make the switch.
    Plastic pallets have many advantages for shipping and storage, including:

    • Lightweight: 70% or less weight than wood pallets.

    • Hardware-free: less injury risk, rust, and easier storage

    • Easy to clean and hygienic

    • Reusable and long-lasting

    • Stackable or rackable

    Kiva Container’s plastic pallets have an additional benefit: they’re recyclable. You’ll be improving your supply chain with Kiva Container’s recycled plastic pallets at the same time as you’re helping the environment. Save wood for its best uses: plastic is better for pallets all the way around with very limited exceptions.

    We get it: changing up your pallets is probably not the first thing on your mind every morning. But you could get a lot of performance for a long time from plastic pallets. In the long run, plastic pallets make financial and supply chain efficiency sense for a lot of businesses.

    We’ll be glad to talk with you about whether a change from old-school wood pallets to recycled plastic pallets is a good fit for your business.