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  1. Durability, reusability, returnability = serious cost savings

    These pictures are probably familiar, (usually seen while praying that your luggage arrived safely from wherever you were coming from). In this case, I was praying that my luggage and golf clubs arrived safely in Detroit. We were going to Southern Michigan for a couple days, getting some much-needed R&R and low and behold, luggage handling tubs!

    But not just any tubs, OUR tubs! I had to take a picture (actually a couple), and then I remembered, since we offer a warranty, we form the MFG date into the tub. I had to get a look at when these were made… August of 2008. Not lying, check the pictures. That means these puppies have been in circulation for over a decade. Getting thrown around, hammered in the underground conveyer systems, dropped, smashed, stepped on, forgotten in the cold (it’s Detroit), forgotten in the heat (it’s Detroit), forgotten in the humidity (it’s Detroit) and just plain forgotten (it’s Detroit) and they’re still going strong!

    Durability, reusability, returnability    Durability, reusability, returnability

    This is an absolute testament to what we strive for day-in and day-out. Durable, reusable, returnable, custom packaging (or material handling) products that solve problems and more than pay for themselves.

    Just a little cost analysis for you. When these were first implemented, John Wayne Airport in Southern California found that using the totes to handle bags instead of placing the bags directly on the conveyers decreased overall handling and realignment needs by over 80%, while simultaneously reducing the time it took to get bags to the flight line by nearly 20 minutes with the new screening required by TSA. These totes today cost anywhere from $20-$35 each, depending on quantity, color, and size. If the average tote lasts for 10 years, that’s around $3 +/- a year, at two cycles a day (John Wayne said they averaged over 4). That works out to be less than $.005 / trip. No typo there, less than a penny a day. Given the cost of time and people, I can comfortably say these totes created YUGE cost savings. YUGE is a common word used in finance and accounting.

    Reliable, reusable, returnable plastic packaging for the right project pays dividends for life! Give us a call and see how we can help you save money by switching to custom plastic packaging and material handling totes!