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  1. Design-2-Part for Your Prototyping Needs

    What does your business need to make and test? Kiva Container is a leader in Design-2-Part services. You can take your drawings and concept sketches to prototypes and samples that you can evaluate, measure, touch, and hold.

    Kiva Container offers the following services for Design-2-Part that can support your parts in the development process:

    • Dynamic CNC milling
    • Urethane casting
    • CNC routing and finishing

    Make samples as you need them or do first article production parts. Use Kiva Container’s resources and expertise to identify and mitigate any potential issues in production or performance and design.

    Whether you’re developing and testing parts in the aerospace industry, working with prototyping for aerospace/defense, or are part of the automotive industry, Kiva Container’s services and experience will support your design, protype, and sample program.

    Test your materials and validate your designs in an efficient, flexible, and affordable way. Kiva Container has served many manufacturers in the design, prototype, and testing process in aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. Whether you are still in the concept phase or are farther along in your development process, Kiva Container can help you to take your vision into production and reality.