Due to their durability and adaptability, corrugated plastic boxes are ideal for many applications and are popular among various companies and industries. Kiva Container offers a wide range of plastic box styles suitable for multiple applications and designed to meet businesses’ specific needs. With our knowledge and experience, you can be confident that your packaging requirements will be addressed with the utmost quality and efficiency.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Below are our top-selling styles of corrugated plastic boxes. Some of these are also available in solid sheet form.


Custom File Box

Custom File Box

This box does not require tape to be closed because it has a self-locking bottom. Consider this packaging solution if you’re exporting lightweight things that don’t need much protection or insulation during transit.

Custom Welded Box

This style includes custom-placed welded straps, custom-welded buckles, and a wire-reinforced welded lid and base. It is one of the strongest options available, providing added durability and protection for shipped or stored items.

Roll End Lock Front (Relf)Roll End Lock Front (RELF)

Commonly called a corrugated mailer, this box is simple to assemble — the sides are folded over, and the tab is locked into place. Moreover, the lid fits over the front of the box and is secured with cherry locks. Its form is ideal for presentation boxes and can include dust covers, depending on the design needs.

Tuck Top Catalog LockTuck Top Catalog Lock

The tuck top catalog lock style is a more robust version of a standard tuck top box. This type has additional locking options, such as grommets with zip ties. It also features added security and protection, as the bottom can be modified for different styles of locking, including auto-locking, full overlap, or snap lock.

Corrugated Plastic Bins

In addition to our corrugated plastic boxes, we also offer a variety of bins:

Recycling BinRecycling Bin

This bin is a large high slotted container (HSC) with a custom lid, wire reinforcement, and a lay-flat bottom. Recycling bins ship flat and are usually in stock. They are commonly used for storing and transporting recyclable materials, and their durability and customizability make them an efficient waste management option for businesses.

Shelf BinShelf Bin

Shelf bins are ideal for small inventory parts. They ship flat and don’t require any tape or staples to secure once set up. They are perfect for organizing tiny pieces in a warehouse or retail setting, and their design allows easy access to the stored items.

Wire Shelf BinWire Shelf Bin

Wire shelf bins are an ideal storage solution for small and heavy inventory parts. They are designed to make it easy to organize and access heavy items in retail or warehouse sites.

Corrugated Plastic Containers

We also offer a wide range of corrugated plastic containers to meet your specific needs, including:

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)Regular Slotted Container

Regular slotted containers (RSCs) have been a standard box style for decades. They are typically available in 18 x 18 x 18 inches, but you can also order custom sizes. These boxes last longer and hold more weight than their corrugated paper counterparts. Thus, they are considered all-purpose boxes for shipping and storing various items.

RSC (All Flaps Meet)RSC (All Flaps Meet)

Similar in design to the original RSCs, the only difference with this box style is that all the flaps meet in the middle. As a result, it creates a slightly stronger design. In addition, it allows for different attachment methods other than tape, such as velcro or tie-down grommets.

Corrugated Plastic Trays

Our selection of corrugated plastic trays includes the following:

Roll End Roll Side TrayRoll End Roll Side Tray

These trays are a sturdy, collapsible option for shipping and storage. The sides “roll” to the bottom and lock into place, providing added stability. Furthermore, reinforcement tabs on the corners can be added for extra strength. Hence, this tray is well-suited for safely transporting and storing fragile or delicate items.

Wire TrayWire Tray

These are customizable, heavy-duty storage solutions made of wire. They are suitable for heavy items that require frequent use. Moreover, wire trays are typically pre-assembled for industrial or manufacturing applications, with the option to add a custom lid.

Nestable Mail TrayNestable Mail Tray

Nestable mail trays are originally designed for USPS mailing smaller, lightweight items. They are stackable, can be made in various colors, and custom printed on all sides.

Wire Handle Tray with Locking Divider SetWire Handle Tray With Locking Divider Set

This tray design is made for handling components with a high moving rate. They are often used to transport parts through different stages of the manufacturing process, such as from the production line to plating, cleaning, and packaging. There is also an option to add holes in the bottom to allow power washing.

Other Packaging Solutions

We also have other solutions to meet your packaging needs, such as:

Nestable ToteNestable Tote

Nestable totes are a great solution for conveyors, mail rooms, and large inventory items. They are stackable to save space and are available in different colors. They are also cost-effective since they ship pre-assembled and are reusable. Furthermore, they are commonly used in industrial or manufacturing settings for transporting and storing large items or bulk materials.

Custom Cut PadsCustom Cut Pads

Custom cut pads are made of corrugated plastic and can be designed to fit specific items or products. They are often used in delicate packaging to provide added protection and cushioning. The standard sizes are 40 x 48 and 40 x 40 pads, and their thickness ranges from 2-10 mm in many different colors.

Elevate Your Business With Kiva Container’s Custom Packaging Solutions

If you seek a company that provides the highest quality products for custom corrugated plastic packaging, rely on Kiva Container! Our team is committed to serving you with the highest quality products and services. We develop cost-effective and returnable packaging using a wide range of reusable substrates. We can also handle application-specific packaging requirements and cater to various industries, from agriculture to aerospace. Request a quote today!