Medical packaging needs to meet strict standards to ensure protection and maintain the quality of products during shipping. When looking to transport medical and pharmaceutical equipment, Kiva Container is a local solution that helps you overcome your packaging challenges.

About Kiva Container

Medical Packaging Solutions
Kiva Container was started in 1986 and is focused on manufacturing cost-effective, returnable, and reusable packaging solutions. Since purchasing Colvin Packaging Products in 1998, we are the only manufacturer that converts both solid sheet forming and corrugated plastic under one roof. Our manufacturing expertise is as vast as the potential uses for plastic packaging. To meet the needs of various industries, we are able to convert and combine a wide range of reusable substrates into a returnable package that works for your particular application. Industries we serve include:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Aerospace
  • ESD Packaging
  • Design 2 Part
  • Agriculture

Medical Packaging with Kiva Container

Kiva Container has for decades designed and produced medical packaging that improves the flow of products along the entire supply chain. Through our quality medical packaging solutions, we enhance material traceability, improve cleanliness, reduce the risk of product damage, and enhance supply chain performance.

For over 25 years, we have met the needs of the ever-growing medical industry by providing reusable packaging to meet the industry’s strict standards. Our thermoformed packaging and reusable corrugated plastic deliver value at every stage of the supply chain, including manufacturing, work-in-progress, inbound part shipments, device storage, finished product storage, distribution, and direct deliveries.

The packaging experts at Kiva Container have designed and fabricated various medical packaging solutions, including:

  • Freeze and low-temperature vial handling systems
  • Dental instruments trays and implant kit packaging
  • Sterile packaging
  • Pharmacy storage bins
  • Tyvek medical packaging
  • Medical ESD packaging for Cochlear Implant Technology
  • Dental implant kit packaging
  • One time use Tyvek lidded surgical instruments tray
  • Organ and live tissue transport kits
  • Integrated variable temperature transport systems

Why Work with Us

Our woman-owned company has existed for over 35 years and has established itself as a leading thermoformed products and custom corrugated plastic producer for almost every industry. Since we can convert solid sheets and corrugated plastics in one place, our company produces superior packaging solutions that meet the high standards of the medical industry while maintaining competitive prices. We are committed to offering our customers safe, reliable, and high-quality packaging that meets every industry-specific requirement.

Medical Packaging Solution from Kiva Container

Medical packaging must meet high healthcare standards for optimal safety and product protection. Kiva Container is a well-known designer and manufacturer of medical packaging that meets these strict requirements. For more information about our medical packaging capabilities, or to get started on your custom packaging solution, contact us today or request a quote to begin planning with Kiva Container.