The aerospace industry depends on a global network of suppliers. Compared to packaging and shipping consumer goods, packaging and shipping aerospace components come with a distinct set of challenges. Because aerospace parts can be fragile, oversized, or have other unique specifications, they require customized container solutions.

Kiva Container is a California-based packaging and shipping supplier. Our team can help you overcome any packaging and shipping challenges with innovative solutions. We manufacture reusable, cost-effective packaging for a variety of niche markets, including agriculture, electronics, and aerospace.

About Kiva Container

Kiva Container specializes in developing cost-effective and returnable packaging solutions for high-tech aerospace companies. Our innovative corrugated plastic packaging has helped companies cut their per-trip packaging expenses by up to 70%. Kiva is one of few manufacturers that converts both solid sheets and corrugated plastic in the same facility.

Aerospace Packaging with Kiva Container

The aerospace industry relies on parts that are shipped to and from every corner of the globe. These parts are typically fragile and can often exceed the size of standard packaging solutions. Kiva Container specializes in making packaging for aircraft manufacturing companies. We are familiar with developing the right custom solutions for transporting these oversized and sensitive parts.

Our clients in the aerospace industry depend on the following packaging and storage solutions:

  • General all-purpose component storage
  • Cleanroom usable custom packaging
  • Custom packaging for difficult-to-handle parts
  • Custom Class A storage and packaging materials:
    • Spunguard
    • Evolon
    • TyGuard
    • Crosslink foam
    • Brushed polyester

At Kiva Container, our goal is to deliver thermoformed and corrugated plastic packaging solutions to provide optimal traceability, enhance cleanliness, minimize the risk of damage during shipment, and streamline the overall aerospace supply chain.

Why Work with Kiva Container?

Since 1986, Kiva Container has been meeting or exceeding the unique needs of our customers. We are a leader in producing reusable, cost-effective plastic packaging to address the challenges of the aerospace industry’s demanding and fast-growing market.

Our reusable thermoformed and corrugated plastic packaging and storage options enhance efficiency and value at every step of the aerospace supply chain, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Work-in-process
  • Device storage
  • Inbound component shipment
  • Storage of finished products
  • Direct delivery
  • Distribution

Aerospace Packaging From Kiva Container

Meeting the unique demands of the aircraft manufacturing industry requires custom packaging solutions. For over 35 years, Kiva Container has been addressing these challenges with inventive container solutions. Investing in our reusable packaging products protects sensitive components and saves money with every trip. Our packaging also offers other benefits to the aerospace industry, including better traceability and cleanliness.

Kiva Container is a woman-owned business based in Anaheim, Calif. Our location allows us to offer local packaging solutions with shorter lead times, and our reusable aerospace packaging provides a highly economical and sustainable option. Contact us to speak with our team about your packaging needs, or request a quote today.