We have a complete thermoformed and corrugated plastic facility to meet your static safe packaging needs. Today electronics require exact fit, physical protection, static protection and cleanliness when shipped or handled. Often the best option to achieve those goals is a thermoformed ESD safe clamshell or tray. Other times a larger solution includes a conductive corrugated plastic box.  In many of our designs we employ formed plastic to eliminate charge generation and precisely fit the component, then package the plastic insert into a static shielding conductive container. It’s all part of designing the most cost effective package to meet your needs.

Some items we specialize in creating ESD packaging solutions for are:

  • ultra high density interconnect (UHDI) flex circuits
  • Ceramic-To-Metal-Seal (CTMS), Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) hermetic packages.
  • High Temperature Cofired Ceramic (HTCC) hermetic packages.
  • Integrated circuits, Circuit Card Assemblies.
  • Custom manufactured Semiconductors
  • Electo-Mechanical hermetically sealed relays
  • PCB Boards
  • Custom & Standard photodiodes
  • Custom LED's
  • Fiber-optic Cabling & Connection Components
  • opto-electronic sensors

Our stock of ESD safe plastics is significant and allows us to service needs large and small without minimums or barriers.

  • Conductive thermo-formable polymers .02-06
  • Static dissipative clear PVC .015-.035
  • Conductive plastic corrugated 3mm and 4mm
  • Conductive paper corrugated B flute double wall
  • Specialized ESD medical acrylics, (safe for medical devices that require proper ESD packaging)