Below is a list of some of our most popular corrugated plastic box styles, some styles are available in Solid Sheet also.

Recycling bin

Also known as a recycling container. The standard recycling bin is a large HSC with a custom lid. It comes standard with wire reinforcement and a lay flat bottom. These ship flat and are usually in stock. Available in many different colors and custom prints.

Shelf Bin

Shelf Bins are ideal for small inventory parts. They ship flat and once setup don't require any tape or staples to secure. They can be made in a variety of different colors as well as sizes.

Nestable Tote

Nestable totes are ideal for conveyors, mail rooms and large inventory items. They can be nested to save space. Available in many different colors they ship setup and ready to use.

Wire Shelf Bin

Wire shelf bins are ideal for small inventory parts that are heavy. They ship setup and don't require any tape or staples to secure. They can be made in a variety of different colors as well as sizes.                                                                                                                

nestable mail tray

Made originally for the USPS these mail totes are great for smaller items that don't have a ton of weight. They stack well and can be manufactured in a variety of different colors. Custom printing is also available on all sides.                                                           

Roll End Lock Front (RELF)

This box sets up easily. The sides are folded over and tab locked into place. The lid comes over the front of the box closing with cherry locks. This ships flat and is great for presentation boxes. Depending on the design need it also can come with dust flaps.                 

Custom File Box

This box comes with a self locking bottom. Similar to a standard RSC this box doesn't need tape to be closed like an RSC. Great for shipping where re-usability is a must.

Wire Tray

Made to any custom size, wire trays are great for heavy items that require a constantly reused box. Like an HSC these boxes don't have a built in lid however a custom lid can be made for it. These ship setup and are great for heavy duty use.

Portfolio Case

Custom portfolio cases can be made with a variety of different colors and custom logo printing. Great for promotional items as well as project management use on work sites.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

RSC's have been a standard box style for decades. Available in standard sizes like 18 x 18 x 18 and any custom sizes these boxes last longer and hold more weight than their corrugated paper counterparts. Available in many colors with any custom printing on the sides and flaps.

Custom Cut Pads

Pads are commonly used to separate items stacked on pallets. Available in any custom sizes as well as standard 40 x 48 and 40 x 40 pads are a great way to separate and control the usage of any item. 2mm - 10mm thickness in many different colors.

Roll End Roll Side Tray

Roll end roll side trays are a great way to have a sturdy tray that collapses and ships flat. All four sides "roll" all the way to the bottom and toe lock into the bottom of the tray. Each side can come with corner reinforcement tabs that even further strengthens the boxes overall stability.

Wire handle Tray With Locking Divider Set

Used primarily for handling components with a high moving rate. Many customers use divider trays like these to move components from the manufacturing line to the plating line, to the cleaning line and then to the finish and packaging line. Some have even added holes in the bottom of the tray to allow the whole tray to be put in the power washer for added usage.

RSC All Flaps Meet Velcro.jpg

rsc (all flaps meet)

Similar in design to the original RSC’s, only difference is all the flaps (minor and major) meet in the middle. This creates a slightly stronger box design, and allows for different attachment methods other than tape. The picture shows velcro, however tie down grommets can also be used.

Tuck Top Catalog Lock.jpg

Tuck Top Catalog lock

Similar in design to a standard tuck top box, the catalog lock allows for a more robust locking design than just the tuck top by itself. Additional locking can be had by adding grommets with zip ties. The bottom can be modified to work with any style, (auto-locking, full overlap, or snap lock).